Turn your inconsistent and stressful real estate business into one that is consistent, profitable, and scalable...and gives you the perfect clients, consistent revenue & time freedom you've always wanted!

Does any of this sound familiar?

 You are working a ton of hours and find it hard to juggle the phone ringing, admin tasks and balancing real life outside of work

You earn good commissions when deals close but constantly feel like you have to hustle to keep the pipeline full to keep your income stable

You don't really have systems in place to prioritize your day and track your deals from start to finish to ensure no step gets missed

You have no real passive income coming in to offset months where you don't receive commission or have a lower commission month

You are branded under your current brokerage but would love to have a personal brand that provides independence

You are manually sending out emails to leads and clients

You try to post on social media with no real results 

What if I told you it was possible to easily attract your perfect clients, make consistent revenue and have time freedom to do what you love?

Imagine if this was your reality?

 When you start the day you know exactly what to work on first and you jump right in and start taking action. 
You have a stunning personal brand that captures you in a way that attracts dream clients & agents you may have missed.
Your marketing funnels are consistently bringing in new leads and your systems are nurturing your leads on autopilot.

You start every month with enough passive income to cover your expenses.

You're on your Weekly Sales & Marketing Meeting and your Virtual Assistant is leading the meeting, reviewing key metrics, and your team celebrates that you're on track to hit your stretch goal for the quarter!

All of the recurring tasks and systems in your business are documented so that delegating is easy and the business isn't completely dependent on you.

You wake up rested, spend your free time relaxing and with loved ones, you have hobbies, and overall life feels fun!

...This is what life as a Realtor CEO looks like!

A Realtor CEO attracts perfect clients, has consistent revenue & time freedom to spend time with loved ones and do activities they enjoy.

How do you become a Realtor CEO?

By having strategic marketing, creating scalable systems, and having passive income not tied to your personal production you can become a Realtor CEO.




You need ALL 3 parts of the Realtor CEO Framework!

If you don't have strategic marketing...you won't attract your perfect clients and you'll end up working a business you don't enjoy

If you don't have scalable systems...you'll stay overwhelmed and create a business that is completely dependent on you.

If you don't add passive income into your business...you'll continue to have to hustle for the next sale or listing, never have time freedom, and have to save millions of dollars to achieve financial security in retirement.

When it comes to implementing the Realtor CEO Framework into your business... done-for-you templates & step-by-step training will change everything!



A group coaching program for high-power agents ready to grow their business, secure their retirement, and step into the role of CEO!  This program is also for brokers who want to generate more profit while also providing their agents with more training, marketing tools & retirement income.

“I am beyond thrilled with my new personal brand website, marketing funnels and clear step-by-step strategy for how to generate more leads, referrals & passive income.  Joining the Realtor CEO program was the best decision I have ever made for my business!"

Realtor CEO is a unique program because it combines 1-on-1 support, training videos and templates, a community of like-minded agents, and a group coaching experience so you can take consistent strategic action!

Your membership in Realtor CEO includes:

Realtor CEO Curriculum

You'll get full access to the entire Realtor CEO curriculum inside of our membership site. 

Curriculum is still being released but there is our Quick Start Training plus over 15 lessons ready for you to go through immediately!   

Weekly Live Coaching Calls 


These exclusive calls are only available to Realtor CEO members.


You'll have an opportunity to get your questions answered regarding your branding, website, marketing funnels, business systems, recruiting strategy and more.  These calls are focused on helping you crush your 90 day goals, become a better leader, and achieve work-life balance.

Marketing Templates, Worksheets & Copy-and-Paste Processes 


We've designed Realtor CEO to be as easy to implement as possible with worksheets, templates, and more!   

This includes (but isn't limited to) templates for your Brand Blueprint, Personal Brand Website, Business Cards, Buyer Funnel, Seller Funnel, Agent Recruiting Funnels, Social Media Marketing, Flyers, Recruiting Events, Emails, Business Stats Tracker, Standard Operation Procedures, Virtual Administrative Assistant Job Description, and more!

Private Facebook Group


You'll be surrounded by realtors who are serious about finding work-life balance WHILE creating an insanely profitable and successful real estate business.


Ask your questions and get feedback from my team and your peers any time. The group is for you to ask questions, post a poll, ask for feedback, and get help when you need it.  Plus, you’ll meet the most amazing friends who all are trying to help one another grow.

Recruiting Events


We know you are busy selling real estate and not sure how to find time to fit in "recruiting" that will provide you with passive income.  Not to worry!  All you have to do is invite agents to our next live recruiting event OR simply share RealtorCEOModel.com that covers the benefits of our cloud-based brokerage model, FAQs & how to get a free scholarship into the Realtor CEO program.

Member Bonus Vault

At Realtor CEO, we believe that "a rising tide lifts all boats" so we want realtors in the program who want to give as much as they take.  We encourage our members to share at least one valuable training, strategy or resource that has helped their real estate business grow.  

Wealth Builder Secrets

An online course Jenn Seeger created for US Agents to learn how to accumulate wealth, preserve wealth & transfer wealth efficiently to future generations. 


First, you will learn how to build wealth with infinite banking, what benefits to look for in a retirement savings account, and how to create tax-free income during retirement.  Next, you will learn about areas that may be creating unnecessary wealth transfers in your financial life so you can stop any financial leaks.  Wealth transfers can include overpayment on income taxes, taxes on compounding returns in a taxable account, term insurance premiums, interest on credit cards, auto loans, leases, declining tax deductions on prepaying mortgage principal, and future tax liabilities on earnings from contributions to qualified plans.  Lastly, you will have access to resources for ensuring your assets, life story & life lessons are efficiently transferred to future generations.

Mexico Resource Kit

Since Jenn owns property in Cabo San Lucas and has top Mexico Brokers in the Realtor CEO program she will be sharing bonus resources on how to get licensed, live and invest in Mexico.

The 5x5 Business Growth Challenge

For freedom-driven realtors who want to add $100K+ in annual PASSIVE INCOME to their business fast!  We provide you with a proven roadmap and all the marketing tools to do it.  Best of all, this residual income stream you create can be passed to your spouse or kids! 

(Valued over $10,000)

When you talk to Jenn ask about the done-for-you marketing and recruiting bonuses that are available to brokers with teams they would like to invite to join the Realtor CEO program.


Meet our Founder & CEO, Jenn Seeger!

Jenn is an Online Marketing & Business Expert passionate about helping Realtors achieve time, location & financial freedom.  She launched the Realtor CEO Movement™ to show Agents that they don’t have to choose between family and financial stability.  She does this by teaching how to install strategic marketing, scalable systems & passive income into your business.  In addition to her self-paced online programs, Jenn also works one-on-one with motivated Agents who want to scale their business faster with her done-for-you services.  She is a soon to be licensed Real Estate Agent in California and enjoys working from her home overlooking the ocean in Baja, Mexico.  Learn more at JennSeeger.com.   

Realtor CEO Curriculum Includes:



You will learn how to create your logo, brand blueprint and branded social media marketing templates.



You will learn how to capture leads, drive traffic and generate more referrals.



You will learn how to launch a stunning personal brand website that attracts dream clients & agents you may have missed.  You'll also learn how to optimize your Facebook Pages (personal & business), Instagram & LinkedIn profiles.



You will learn how to organize your files, set up a project management system for your business/personal life, and create standard operating procedures to make outsourcing a breeze.



You will learn how to set up buyer funnels, seller funnels & agent recruiting funnels to make capturing and converting leads online easy.  These automated marketing funnels are what will help you scale your business fast!  



You will learn how to use a Virtual Administrative Assistant effectively so you can do what you do best - sell real estate and recruit!  You also will learn how to communicate online with the other agents on your team helping you with deals.



You will learn about the cloud-based brokerage model helping agents transition from Agent to CEO and experience rapid income growth while working less!  There are FOUR core ingredients EVERY realtor’s business needs (including yours!) before you can scale.  Learn more here.



You will learn how to use the Realtor CEO membership site to easily onboard and train your agents.  You'll also learn how to create your own membership site if you want to provide special training & templates to your agents only.



You will learn how you and your agents can utilize the Realtor CEO Facebook Group, Online Support Desk & Call Scheduling System.  You will also learn how to set up these same tools for yourself if you want them customized to you.  

You can do Realtor CEO from home, anywhere in the world!

You can complete the program from the comfort of your home office, co-working space, or couch, as long as you have access to the internet!  Some of our current members live in the United States, Canada, Mexico and others. 


The program is completely digital so you can access it from anywhere through our private membership site, video coaching calls and Facebook Group.

Apply for your Free Scholarship into the Realtor CEO Program!

(Valued Over $10,000)

We are excited to see if you're a good fit to work with us on transforming the way you run your real estate business - and your life!  This program is specifically designed to help you achieve more sales, marketing, recruiting & financial success.


Please take a minute to fill out the short application form below so we can learn more about you and see if you would be a good addition to the program.

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